Put the cursor on the page and click. A page with the story of our experience at the resort will appear. Hover the cursor on the page and a drop down menu with PHOTOS will appear. Click on PHOTOS to see the album.
IMAGES Put the cursor on the IMAGES link on any page to see a dropdown list of image categories. ¬†Click on one of the selections to open the gallery. Click on an image to enlarge. HINT: by zooming your screen you can see larger or smaller views of images. When one image is shown enlarged, use the right and left buttons to move through the images. Click on the X in the upper righthand corner of any enlarged image to return to thumbnail view. Collections Put the mouse on the COLLECTIONS menu item. A "dropdown" list of groupings will appear. Move the cursor to the one you want to see, and left click the mouse. Click on any image to enlarge it, then use the right and left arrows to move through the images in the group. ¬†Not all images are in the COLLECTIONS at this time. All the images ARE shown in the IMAGES categories.  
Visit the SHOP page on the website. Not all images are loaded yet, so if you have a particular interest sent me a COMMENT and I will load it. Sales are fulfilled by myfocusonbirds.pixels.com