I have been interested in photography since age 12 when we lived in Germany, and my parents gave me a Voigtlander film camera.  For the subsequent 55 years I enjoyed photography on and off, but never seemed to have the time or focus to really pursue it.  Several years ago I bought a Nikon D90 for my partner Jane.  She has become a fine photographer.  In the fall of 2012 we were camping at Tulelake in Northeast California/SE Oregon, and drove the auto tours through the Lower Klamath NationaI Wildlife Refuge.  I had a small spotting scope, and became enthralled with birds and their various fascinating behaviors, not to mention enjoying the out-of-doors.  From that point on I was hooked!   The next camera was a refurbished Nikon D7000 and a Nikon spotting scope with an attachment for Digiscoping (shooting photos with a digital camera through a spotting scope).  Fast forward and now birding and photography have become a major passion for Jane and me.  We were lucky early to run into Jim Stamates, a professional low impact wildlife and nature photographer.  We spent a day with him at the Winter Wings annual festival at Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, Oegon in early 2013, and he has since become our friend and mentor.  We spent 10 days in Costa Rica on one of his “photography funshops” in March of this year, and 10 days in SE Alaska on another funshop he hosts.  We recently spent two days photographing with him as well before this year’s Winter Wings Festival.

My Focus on Birds is to photograph birds in action, and specifically birds in flight (BIF), but I will try to  capture anything that moves!  Like many kids I dreamed of flying.  Getting clear pictures of BIF is particularly challenging, requiring great gear, practice, and patience.

I post many of my favorite shots on NatureShare, the Audubon society webpage. Visit the page to see more! Search for member Richard Eastman (aka DocE).
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I also post many of my photos on Facebook. Visit my homepage!
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Here is the link to Jim Stamates’ website.

Last summer I met Kendra, a dynamic young mother on the board of the local Audubon Society.  Her new store Raven Tree in Mount Shasta displays  17×22″ prints of some of my best shots, and  3.5×5″ cards of these and many others are for sale.  It is a great place to get seed for feeders for all manner of wildlife, and a has wide selection of bird and nature related gifts, feeders, optics, birdhouses, bird and related crafts and much more.  Kids will enjoy the terrific children’s section!

Follow Kendra and Raven Tree on Facebook.

Follow this link for a full description of the Klamath Basin National Refuge Complex that is only an hour and a half from home. http://www.fws.gov/klamathbasinrefuges/

Jane Prestegard for her companionship, joy of life, and editing.
Jim and Cathy Stamates for their leadership, guiding, teaching, and sharp eyes on photography excursions.
Susan Martin: For her inspiration and help in developing this site and exploring commercial possibilities.
Kendra Bainbridge: For her work with the Audobon Society, and her shop Raven Tree opened in October 2015 that has brought wonderful products, food, gifts for adults and children, related to birding and other wildlife.